Green Carpet Clean

Keep the poisons 
and infestations
out of your carpet !
  What's lurking in your dirty carpet?
Yes, this is likely if the carpets have not been cleaned regularly, 
and highly likely if you have pets living in the house.  
Salmonella can cause fever, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. 
*Source -  "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"....

          WHY TAKE A CHANCE?
Have Green Carpet Clean wipe out disease-causing  germs and toxic buildup with the rinsing power of Rotovac.
​Call Green Carpet Clean today to enjoy clean carpets and upholstery, having confidence that you, your kids, and pets are safe.

Green Carpet Clean never uses chemicals. Our cleaners are the most certified non-toxic cleaning products on the market.
Keep the bugs at bay! Regular cleaning checks the growth of bacteria by taking away their food source. MIcrobes feed on human and pet hair, food spills, crumbs, and also skin debris which makes up for the majority of household dust.